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by william13 on 29 May 2019

Teamwork Student shortfilm realised at New3dge

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Round of applause for our sponsors

I'm proud to present you my first group's project ,inspired by Ian Mcque's art, realized at New3DGE with the participation of :

Manon Berthelot - [email protected]

Angélique Busca - [email protected]

Quentin Batsal - [email protected]

Dorian Scherrer - [email protected]

Antoine Perrier-Cornet - [email protected]

William Baud - [email protected]

and special thanks to :

Fabien Crousillac : Sound editing and sound design

Anthony D'Amario : Music

In this project that lasted two months, I was the lead art director and environement of the project.

I essentialy worked on the city environement, and the main tower.

I also worked on the compositing of the movie.

It was a very exciting project to work on and a great team to work with.

Thanks ato all of you team !

Environement concept art

Main tower from blocking to textured final asset

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