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The Princess

The Princess

Kristel Rindlisbacher Guzman
by kristelrindlisbacherguzman on 28 Aug 2023

It has been very interesting to work on this personal project, I have had the opportunity to work on the process of creating the skin in zbrush and in Mari.

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The princess is a personal project created to work on the texture of the skin. 

Inspired by the concept art of Jeleynai.

I have mainly worked on zbrush and Mari to create the skin, horns and cloths.

This time I used the unreal engine to do the rendering. The eyes are the only thing I have used from the unreal library. The rest including the light is my job.

I have never been obsessed with a job until I started this one. I really think I have made a big step with unreal5.

In this project I have not only used zbrush to model the face and horns, but this time I had the opportunity to work with the brush called ZRemesherGuides. It's very good to get low poly meshes. After this I was able to create the uv maps from the creased edges that I created with the brush called zmodeler. From these uv'ed low polys, I made the projections from hi to low poly to later switch to Mari.

It has also been very interesting to use fiber mesh in zbrush for hair. I have obtained an interesting result creating clumps to shape the hair and then in Maya creating hair system with exact values for its rendering.

Switching from zbrush to mari sometimes belongs to this process. For example for creating diplacement maps in Mari to then go back to zbrush. I have imported the displacement maps to zbrush and in some places of the face I saw errors. So with a special alpha I corrected these errors one by one. Of course always with the help of references.

Mari is an excellent tool for detailing models. I have worked the texture of the head and face on separate layers. Starting to paint the dermis and then the epidermis. At the end several small details like freckles and other skin imperfections. In addition to the color map, also in Mari I painted the specular map and the roughness map.

At the end of the process switch to maya to do the first sequence rendering in arnold and then work in Nuke to finish giving it the final details.

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