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"Magic and Munchies" (2023)

"Magic and Munchies" (2023)

Joseph J Davey
by JosephJDavey on 27 Aug 2023

A whimsical mage returns home with a odd creature. If only he could figure out what the poor thing eats! A project managed by me and Jesse heriot, with the talents of Ash Dahnu, Jack Lodi, Iris Merdegia, David Nowland, Claudia Craboledda, Omar Rihani, amd Adelaide Schwedes.

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"Magic and Munchies" was a student film made in June with challenge of completing it in one week. The idea for the project was my own and was generously aided by the talents of Jesse Heriot, Ash Dhanu, Jack Lodi, Iris Merdegia, Claudi Craboledda, David Nowland, Omar Rihani and Adelaide Schwedes. As Creative director I guided the skills of these fantastic artists towards a singular goal, helped stimulate creativity and conversation through online conferences and set up the foundations for storyboards and character designs.

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