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AquaBotica Abyss: Submersible Coral Collector

AquaBotica Abyss: Submersible Coral Collector

by MayTurnerArt on 21 Aug 2023

An advanced underwater vehicle designed to collect bio-materials from hard-to-reach coral formations in deep sea. Its containment chambers maintain specimen integrity for research. Notably, if damaged during a mission, the submersible becomes a habitat for coral growth and protector of marine life.

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AquaBotica Abyss: Submersible Coral Collector" is a cutting-edge underwater vehicle designed for the intricate task of gathering bio-materials from challenging-to-access coral formations in the deep sea. The vehicle's bio-material containment chambers are designed to preserve the integrity of the collected specimens, maintaining their viability for research purposes.

What sets the AquaBotica Abyss apart is its unique ecological feature: in the event that damage occurs during its mission, the submersible is designed to become a conducive environment for corals to propagate. Its specially textured surface provides an ideal substrate for coral attachment and growth. This unintended but environmentally beneficial capability transforms the AquaBotica Abyss from a collector into a protector, creating a sanctuary for marine life and fostering the continued growth of coral communities

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