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Kyrie Isnardi
by Kyrie on 20 Aug 2023

Renderings created exclusively for portfolio update purposes. I really like Naoto Fukasawa's design and when I saw this armchair I really feel inspired to create something. All technical informations about the chair I found in furniture stores websites. Feedbacks are very appreciated!

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The Hiroshima series was released in 2008. Designed by Naoto Fukasawa, the aim was to create furniture that combines robustness with designs that will remain fresh and vital.

The Hiroshima Wooden armchair appears to be carved out of solid wood and features gentle curves from the arms through the back.

The wood used in this product is obtained from beech trees in Europe and oak or walnut trees in North America that are managed and felled in a planned manner.

The luxurious seating comfort, in which you can feel the warmth of the wood, allows this armchair to be used as a lounge chair in addition to being an excellent dining chair. The interplay of light and shadow on the chair provides a gorgeous contrast and functions to further highlight the beautiful form of the chair.

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