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The Pirate's Cabin

The Pirate's Cabin

Marcus Lee
by marcuslee on 10 Sep 2023

On a gloomy night when the silver moon glows, behind the fog a lonely ship drifts below. Surrounded by the mysterious waters, hearing the songs of the majestic monsters. Fortune and riches are what he seeks, conquering the enemy in his antique. Ninety days he is far from home, following the stars into the unknown.

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The Pirate's Cabin 

This project was created in Blender. Modeled, textured, lighted, animated, and rendered in Blender Eevee. Composited in DaVinci Resolve. Edited in DaVinci Resolve using sound effects from Soundly. Music from Tunetank.

CG Breakdown


In the midst of finishing up a tutorial project called "The Alchemist Table", I was constantly thinking about what could I do next to practice my newly acquired skills. Then one day, an idea related to pirates came to mind. I started researching and gathering references about pirates. Below are some of my inspirations and references for the overall idea of The Pirate's Cabin.

With the general direction of the project in mind, I started asking myself questions like "What is the setting?", "Where is the pirate?", "What is the pirate doing?" , "What does a pirate have?" etc. After answering some of the questions, I decided to start modeling some of the assets I have in mind for this project.

Assets Breakdown

The Books

Candles & Candle Holders

Treasure Coins

 Old Maps

The Ring

The Compass

The Quill Pen

Ink Bottle

The Lantern

 Wooden Desk



 Ocean Waves

Downloaded 3D model

Dusty Old Bookshelf

This model is only used as a background element to add details to the scene. This model was downloaded from Sketchfab.

"Dusty Old Bookshelf (FREE)" ( by Brandon Westlake is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution (


This is probably one of my longest and most challenging projects so far. I have been working on this project on and off for a little just over a year. Even though there were ups and downs while working on this project, I still managed to get it done. I am quite proud of the result. 

The most challenging part of this project is the layout and lighting. I tried out multiple layouts and lighting setups  in order to get the look and feel I wanted. Yes, it was challenging, but it's very rewarding. I enjoyed every second of it.

I also learned a lot during the process of creating the project. I learned more about the importance of composition like the usage of the 80/20 rule, the rule of thirds, the analogous color palette etc. Most important of all, the importance of feedback and critiques. I asked a lot of feedback from a lot of people for this project and I was able to view my project from different perspectives. This improved my project drastically. So big thanks to those who have helped me in the process. 

Overall, I acknowledged that there is still a lot that can be improved in this project such as the refractions, the topology of some models, the secondary animation, etc. Seeing myself improve from one year of learning 3D, I am very proud of this project. I hope that I will continue to learn and explore the world of 3D in my upcoming projects and in my 3D journey ahead :)


Writer - Marcus Lee
Director - Marcus Lee
3D Modeler - Marcus Lee
Texture Artist - Marcus Lee
Animator - Marcus Lee
Lighting Artist - Marcus Lee
Compositor - Marcus Lee
Editor - Marcus Lee

Big thanks to those who have given me feedback and critiques. 

Software & Website used:
3D models: Blender
Procedural Textures: Blender
PBR Textures & Image Textures:,,, Quixel Bridge,,
Lighting & layout: Blender
Animation: Blender
Rendering: Blender Eevee
Video Composite: DaVinci Resolve 17
Sound Effects: Soundly,

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