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Snow Moon Irelia

Snow Moon Irelia

Lou-Maëlle CHEMIN
by Shihoka on 17 Aug 2023

i've made Snow moon irelia skin because i really love this skin's collection and i love so much league of legends univers. irelia is one of my favourite character from this game and i wanted to create for her, Snow moon skin !

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Snow moon irelia (League of legends Fanart)

as a big fan of league of legends univers, i decided to made one of my favourites skin on my one of favourite character from league of legends : irelia Snow moon

I really love this collection and i really wanted to make a skin on my favourite character.

First of all i've made the concept art :

then the last step was to make the splash art ! (and this splash art took me a lot of time, even if i had some break during the process)

i Hope you will like it ! thanks for watching and reading ^^

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