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The plague doctor

The plague doctor

Anouk van Uffelen
by anoukvu on 15 Aug 2023

Back to the Middle Ages, during times of suffering and sickness, the plague doctor is working tirelessly. Dirty dung flies and lice don’t scare him away.

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This plague doctor is a creation by Ed Binkley, famous for his strange illustrations of creatures. It had been a while since I focused on somewhat realistic characters. Making this character, I’ve become even more excited to learn and improve in this style!

disclaimer: I didn't model the props/ environment myself. I used megascans from Bazaar_Meshingun.

For now I made 1 UV map for both the doctor and the fly but also a seperate material for the wings as this a translucent material. I know now it was better to split up the characters as they are actually independent from eachother.

Thank you for reviewing my project! I had an incredible amount of fun, and I hope to create many more projects like this in the future!

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