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The Alchemist's House

The Alchemist's House

Florian Gresser
by Ooroichi on 14 Aug 2023

It was the first time I used a lot of game art techniques such as trim sheets, modular sets, macro detail textures... I also improved my composition and lightning skills, and shader wizardry. Huge thanks to Nikita Serpilov for the concept art and to my friend Yann Welfringer for his amazing Sound-Design.

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The 2 Trim sheets I used for almost every wood, metal and stone props or in the house kit

Modular kit and props

RVT blending to get a nice transition between meshes intersecting the landscape, Its also projected on the vertical world position of that mesh to get some moss on top.

The water shader uses mesh distance fields for the foam around objects, 2 noises panning with different tiling, light absorbtion and refraction.

Vertex painting, I used a brush noise texture to break the blury transitions between the 2 textures.

Landscape painting with RVT, the grass interpolates a color with the ground texture, it helps having a nice gradient for a more stylized look !

Process breakdown

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