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The Apple. Still-Life

The Apple. Still-Life

Polina Borovska
by NEchitay on 12 Aug 2023

Presenting my eerie 3D still-life: an adorned goblet, a wooden bowl, and a chilling focal point - an apple with an unsettling, gaping mouth, inspired by baroque art and spooky tales.

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Introducing My Latest 3D Creation!

Thrilled to showcase my newest 3D project that delves into the realm of dark horror aesthetics. This still-life piece features an ornamented goblet, a wooden bowl brimming with apples, and a chilling focal point – an apple with an unsettling, gaping mouth and grimy teeth.

Inspired by classic baroque art and eerie narratives, this project has been a journey of artistic exploration and skill enhancement.

For this project, I worked with Zbrush, Blender, Substance Painter, 3Ds Max, and Substance Stager. I'm really happy with how much I've improved my skills through this project.

In particular, I learned a bunch of cool tricks in Zbrush – like using Zguides to create seams for curves and leveraging ArrayMesh for making repeating ornaments. I also gave Retopoflow in Blender a shot for the first time, and I must say, I loved how effective it is for retopology. And then there's Substance Stager, another first-time experience for me, which made the rendering and composition process feel like a breeze – super enjoyable!

This project marks a significant leap in my 3D skills and artistic vision. Grateful for the support of this incredible community as I continue to grow and explore. 🖤🚀

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