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Teenage Link

Teenage Link

by Pauloliv on 10 Aug 2023

Being a huge fan of Zelda, I've always had the desire to create a fan art dedicated to it. Whether it's a simple character depiction or even a small animated trailer, the time constraints never allowed for it before. Now that I've managed to find some time, I've finally brought my vision to life. I gathered a substanti

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Teenage Link

The initial version didn't quite capture the desired feeling for a potential trailer. Therefore, with some advince from my friends , I made further adjustments to the textures.

I had a lot of hesitation regarding the style. I sort of love that one. But after some reflection, I thought it might be better to do the grooming via xgen.

For the grooming, I primarily used xgen, and later I converted it to interactive xgen, which was much easier to work with.

I made numerous adjustments in order to eventually achieve the result I'm satisfied with. It wasn't easy to figure it all out on my own, so I sought advice from my collegues.

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