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Lubrae's Grief, Lumina Exotic Ornament

Lubrae's Grief, Lumina Exotic Ornament

Gregory Loh Huang
by gregorylh on 1 Aug 2023

This is another game-ready fan art piece of another cool Destiny 2 concept, this time being a Lumina Exotic handcannon ornament! This was a really fun piece to work on where i got to experiment and mimic some of Destiny 2's unique materials such as the ones found on the rocky looking pyramid weapons.

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Key beauty shot with a with my own attempt to match the weapon showcase shots that is seen in Destiny 2. I tried to mimic the background of the tiling as seen in the pyramid ships in the game with my own personal twists.

It was fun to really fun to experiment with the different materials and patterns seen on the gun from the 'rocky' blocky frame construction to the unique irregular small designs on it.

A little POV shot from the gun sights to how the gun would feel and look like!

The concept that started it all! From the extremely talented Runesael "Rune" Flynn!

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