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Reboot: Absent memories
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Reboot: Absent memories

Hailey Hart
by Aradhalia on 29 Jul 2023

A collection of concept art, illustrations, and other game assets for the game jam game "Robot Access Memory". Theme: "Life" Restriction: "Multiple applications"

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Update - 29 Jul 2023

"Reboot Absent Memories" Is a game created for Major Jam, a spinoff from the mini jam weekly game jam.

I created over 40 pieces of artwork in a week ranging from concept art to tiles: every art piece and asset in the game was made by myself :)

Robot Character Concept :

Illustrations :

Robot In-Game Assets :

Stage 1 Background and Assets :

Stage 2 Background and Assets :

Stage 3 Background and Assets :

End of Stage Transitions :

Controls Instructions :

Final Credits :

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