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Honda NSX-R Rain FX

Honda NSX-R Rain FX

Anton Dann
by tondann on 28 Jul 2023

A project that is very dear to my heart. It is the final piece I added to my Rookies Awards 2023 entry, making it my most recent project and my "show piece" for my showreel June 2023.

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Honda NSX-R Rain FX

A project I poured my heart into, trying to deliver a polished cinematic shot, whilst not forgetting to focus more on the technical simulation side and less on the lookdev, since I am an FX artist. Despite that I wanted to capture the moody and foggy atmosphere that heavy downfall would produce. Fog, overcast lighting and muted colors is something I resonate with a lot. Combining that with the beautiful 90's Honda NSX-R, published by the Rookies Team made this an absolute blast to work on.

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