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Mechanical Beetle.

Mechanical Beetle.

Laura Suonpera Lozano
by DevLuuna on 28 Jul 2023

I combined my Maya and Houdini skills for this project! It's a mechanical beetle based on the ones Tom Hardwidge creates in http://www.arthrobots.com :) I modeled it in maya, texturized it in substance painter. Then I exported it to Houdini and simulated it falling!

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I simulated the falling beetle with houdini using rigid bodies! I made sure to create lots of constraints to make the small elements disassemble in a realistic way.

It has a fluid simulation, RBD and particles too :)

For the modeling and animation part I used Maya, I created all the materials using substance painter.

It's rendered in redshift and I used redshift shaders and lights inside of Houdini for the lookdev phase.

I'm still learning how to work with redshift but I really like how fast it is and the fact that it's GPU-based :)

... And this is how it looks without materials! The topology is shown in the second half of the video.

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