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Memory 77 - Virtual Tale

Memory 77 - Virtual Tale

Daniel Andres Nunez Sardinha
by danielnunez on 27 Jul 2023

Explore the memories of this being within this island, and unravel its mystery. There are three different times to travel that will give you clues about the events.

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BRIEF. Creation of a virtual space. A narrative of the encapsulated memories of an explorer across different times.

TECHNIQUE. Modelling of a 3D environment that changes colours depending on time. Software used: Autodesk Maya. Creation of the entire virtual experience with different scenes using a cross-platform game engine. Postproduction effects, such as depth of field, motion blur, and colour adjustments were implemented to create a more surreal experience. Software used: Unity. Mixkit website. Public domain fx sounds.

STYLE. The scenario has been modelled following a low-poly style, which takes inspiration from high-tech machinery and fantasy islands. Each area has its own uniqueness thanks to the different palettes of colours and lighting involved in every scene.

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