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Arcade machine project

Arcade machine project

by DeepanshuGupta on 26 Jul 2023

I made this clip as a piece of art in a museum. The meaning behind this clip differs from person to person.

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Did the story boarding and focused on camera movement.

Divided this short clip in 5 sequences.

I downloaded the sound effects from online.

Scene 1 where the camera is animated and is moving forward the machine.

Scene 2 where I animated the joystick, button and clay. 

Scene 3 where camera is tracking the claw.

Scene 4 where the claw takes the ball to the dispenser.

Scene 5 where the claw and ball are animated. claw drops the ball and the ball falls into the dispenser.

I used 4 lightings in this project.

purple directional light to produce night effect.

2 white Arnold mesh light for arcade sidebar light.

1 white Arnold mesh light for top.

Compiled the video and added sound effects in premiere pro.

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