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The Treasure of the Sea

The Treasure of the Sea

Marcus Lee
by marcuslee on 21 Jul 2023

Under the surface where the ancient civilization can be found, a treasure that holds infinite power is waiting to be claimed. Destiny awaits...

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The Treasure of the Sea ~ 2022

This project was created in Blender. Modeled, textured, animated, and lighted in Blender. Rendered with Blender Eevee. Edited and color graded in DaVinci Resolve. Sound effects are from Soundly. Background music is from YouTube Audio Library.

From Concept to Reality

This was my second project created after learning some basic 3D fundamentals. I thought it would be a good idea to start by creating a concept art so I could have a reference for my 3D model. 

The Concept Art was drawn in Photoshop.

With my limited knowledge in 3D, I could only create so much. I had to rely on other sources to help improve my render. As a result, I utilized some 3D assets and textures from Quizel Bridge

With the exception of the fish, which I modeled and textured using image projection technique.

I also learned more about particle systems, like the scattering of the kelps and the floating water particles. One of my favorite parts was playing around with boid particle system for the fish. It was really fun.


Now that I have completed this project and learned a lot more about 3D, I think I can improve by adding more layers of material to the trident. In addition, it would be cool if I can add some more camera optical effects such as chromatic aberration, vignette, film grain etc next time. 

One of my biggest mistakes during the process was using high-quality textures for distant objects, leading to a lot of crashes on my laptop. Also, I forgot to bake the particle system. This led to the sudden shift in the floating particles when re-rendering certain shots. 

Overall, I am happy about the result. With this project being my second original 3D project, I am pretty proud of it!!!

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