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The Plant People

The Plant People

Kane Forster
by kaneforster on 12 Jul 2023

My Very first render that was completed entirely with Blender! ( excluding the donut tutorial ) fan art of Bobby Chius plant people

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a little fan art of Bobby Chius youtube characters and my first project in blender ( after doing the donut tutorial)

I wanted to make sure the values were right with the image so doing a black-and-white pass in Photoshop was important so I can d levels and color-grading passes... decided to add a little rainbow and god rays... I may have gone to the nice sparkly effects before refining the base image 

I was really happy with the outcome after about 3 weeks of work in my free time as I was working for a VFX house ( my first year ) at the time of the project already... 

Let me know what you think :) 

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