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Lava Cave

Lava Cave

Berenika Zemanek
by BerenikaZemanek on 9 Jul 2023

A project for my university module. In this work, I explored movement in an environment through shader and VFX creation. I gained a lot of valuable technical knowledge of Unreal Engine and improved my shader and material skills. I also practised creating foliage by sculpting and baking the normal maps.

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Props breakdown.

Waterfalls breakdown.

The lava shader uses panners to move layers of lava. There are two panners moving the hot lava textures at slightly different speeds (one going into emissive colour and one into base colour) and a cool lava material blend.

Rock, brick and moss materials.

Rocks breakdown.

I sculpted the leaves in Zbrush and baked them onto planes. I created multiple varieties of leaves on one map and changed between them in engine through the shader.

Early blockout.

Sketch concept I made at the beginning of the project.

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