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Elven Assets - BA1B

Elven Assets - BA1B

by rinxrt on 5 Jul 2023

Showcase of my first attempts at 3D asset production, featuring tavern asset work from elven themes, more particularly Tolkien's adaptation of elves

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For this project, we had been asked to create 3 main assets for our tavern scene. I decided to base my work on an elven theme, more particularly Tolkien's adaptation of elves

I wanted to dive down into Tolkien's passions for sustainable horticulture through my tavern scene, and felt by exploring nature themes through my work would do his ideology justice. 

For visuals, I've found that by focusing more on the modern ‘Art Nouveau’ movement has given more direction to my research. The art movement highlights beauty and elegance in nature (an ideology that the Elves in Tolkien’s work are associated to indulge in) and characterized by sinuous lines and flowing organic shapes based on plant forms. In Peter Jackson’s adaptation of ‘The Lord of The Rings’, the artistic style of Art nouveau is displayed through the elven towns like Rivendale and Lothlorien.

The colour scheme was heavily inspired by 'The Leaves of Lórien' brooch shown in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. The brooch symbolizes the spirit and the commitment of all those who fight for saving the Middle Earth. The direct connotations to its media further imply the ideologies that the assets made for this tavern stand proud in preserving the beauty and natural qualities of middle earth, rather than seeking to destroy it.

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