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Making  a detailed character in Mudbox and Maya without scans
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Making a detailed character in Mudbox and Maya without scans

Ewan Macdonald
by wanoman99 on 5 Jul 2023

Having some fun and creating a detailed alien-like character by hand without using scans, with the end goal of hopefully making it slightly animated (e.g. making the eyelids close). Should be nice with some XGen fluffiness stuck on there too.

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Update - 5 Jul 2023

Making a detailed character sculpt using Mudbox and Maya without scans

I had already used Mudbox in the past, but not for anything particularly detailed. This is my first time really going into the high figures in polycount and trying to do all the skin details by hand/with stencils and alphas instead of simply slapping a pre-made texture map on the model.

Just got to a decent point where I am going to refine the model and adjust some of the forms and try and fix things I'm not happy with.

At this time the model is still tessellated and around 20,000,000 triangles, so once the sculpting is completed I'll need to retopologise  and project the original details so I can use displacement later on at render time.

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