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Virginia Beltran Mora
by 1997DarkNar on 28 Jun 2023

A small ancient viking 3D set

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This project I intend to show my process to make this small Viking-themed stage, with a worn style, as if it had been found after a long time.

Join me to see the process of how I made this Viking-themed scenario.

The first thing I did was make a sketch and paint, to get a first idea of the set.

Next, design the assets, which in this case are weapons and an altar. All this inspired by weapons from the Viking age. Investigate archaeological pieces to see how time affected them.

Next, I did a blocking of my stage, leaving a base to see how the scan would look and adjust its measurements.

For the vine, I made a flat model, giving it a bit of shape to make it look more organic, using an Alpha channel to remove the areas I didn't want to show, playing with the shape and sizes, I made it look more realistic. and pretty.

Continuing with the project, I modeled and textured each aset, I made the normals of each model by hand, to give a more appropriate texture to each object.

To give you more detail, I didn't stick with just the typical stripes, but added intricate designs with Viking motif, from runes to vines, all of them with meaning.

When putting the objects on the stage, I saw that everything was very empty, so I decided to create a cloth, with Loki's rune, I wanted to tear it, so that it could tell a story.

This part was the most complicated to do, at the texture level, I tried to make the rocks join each other, I admit that it took me a lot of time.

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