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1st year Final project - The stained glass workshop

1st year Final project - The stained glass workshop

Estelle Rupprecht
by EstelleRupprecht on 23 Jun 2023

My final project of my first year at ESMA: I had to produce 2 realistic images about a craftman workshop. I chose a stained glass workshop to show the beauty of light and color. 01/2023-06/2023

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My images tell the story of a stained glass artist creating a special commission: despite her modern style, she is commissioned to produce Stained Glasses for the Saint M├ędard church in France.

This church is the first plantation site a a judea tree in France, the final stained glass piece uses the pattern and color palette of the tree but simplified like Mondrian's tree paintings.

Image 1

This middle shot shows the cutting station of the workshop.

The bottom third represent the manual aspect of the work while the two upper third represent the reflexion and inspiration behind the piece. Those two universes are linked toghether by the light cast by the final piece.

I used a soft glowy ambiance to accentuate the magical aspect of stained glass.

Image 2

This shot reveals the rest of the workshop and the stained glass piece.

This image can be read from left to right :

 Left represtning the past embodied by the church model, the middle part the present, embodied by the tools and tables filled with projects in progress, and the right representing the future with the finished artwork that will soon be transported outside of the workshop

Or can be read upwards and show the differents steps of stained glass making :

bottom third : cutting, middle third : assembling and soldering, upper third : finished

Once again, the light plays a fundemental part in setting a magical and almost heavenly atmosphere.

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