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Don't Be Tuna'ive !

Don't Be Tuna'ive !

by Alizeewqz on 23 Jun 2023

School Project - Zapping TV

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Don't Be Tuna'ive

Zapping TV - Short Movie - School Group Project - Team of 7 - 6 weeks of production 

I present you my personal work on this project. 

Mr Tuna :   Sculpt - Modeling - Retopology 

Sushi Platter - All Aspects

Props/ Assets - Texturing 

Soy Sauce Simulation - Houdini 

Post Production - Compositing 

During this 6 weeks project I learn how to do CFX with Houdini. 

I got the opportunity to do the entire process from the modeling on Marvelous Designer (and Maya) through the texturing to the simulation. 

You can fin below the the cloth texturing and the final short for the final CFX render. 

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