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AnimSchool |  Vol_ 06 | Character Performance

AnimSchool | Vol_ 06 | Character Performance

Seyed M. Tabatabaei
by EyeSeyed on 22 Jun 2023

The animation assignment I made during my enrolment at Animschool, Character Performance course.

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Character Performance class was instructed by Aldric Lopez Vergara Anaya. Among four dialogues I picked as candidates for the assignment, I went for this oneAs it was my first attempt at lip-sync animation in English, I opted for the dialogue with the fewest words and shortest duration, which came close to the assigned limit of 12 seconds.

I tried to make the unmasked Batman resemble the Joker and make the set look like a makeup room. I welcomed the ambiguity, leaving some room for speculation; is he talking to his own reflection?, someone behind a one-sided reflective glass?, or a someone on the phone? 

Here is the inspiration board I created for the set:

3D Asset Credits: 1, 2, 3

Here are sections from the Video Reference, Blocking , Spline and Polish passes:

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