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Cyberpunk Grey to Color

Cyberpunk Grey to Color

by abdudes on 14 Jun 2023

A personal project to test out my actual Skills er and to see how far I can go with the technical equipment I have right now.

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Trapped in the tight grip of greyscale monotony, locked in a car. The empty streets stretched out beneath me, no other life. Aimlessly driving around. Thinking why am I here? Which world am I in? And who keeps changing it? A world in the making. Was I in the making too? It powered me with a sliver of hope, that I was not lost, but essential. Above me, the sky suddenly burst into tears. Not like my own tears. They were magical drops, that danced on my windshields, painting patterns, all unique. Each droplet more beautiful than the other. Suddenly, an explosion of vibrant colors and lights appeared. I couldn’t believe my own eyes. My world was forever changed, greyness no longer prevailed. Water on the streets, became like my rearview mirror. Reflecting my world. All emotions in me, became one. I was crying, laughing and feeling something bubbly in my belly- all in the same time. My world was becoming beautiful. And I couldn’t help, but feel special- to get to experience water paintings, colors and lights all around me. It wasn’t just the world around me. I changed too.

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