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Lorenzo Baraldi Showreel 2021/2022

Lorenzo Baraldi Showreel 2021/2022

Lorenzo Baraldi
by LorenzoBaraldi on 13 Jun 2023

Hi! I'm an italian student at BigRock and this is some of the projects that lead me here where I am today, hope you like it!

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2021 Projects

The Fennec 

My journey into CGI starts during my second year of University. I was studying design at Politecnico di Milano and I had never heard anything about 3D softwares and CG, when I attended a course of 3D modelling that made me discover this subject and I immediately fell in love with it. When the semester ended, I had learned a lot, but I also wanted to keep it up, so I tried making my first project as an exercise aimed at continuing to learn new things. For this reason, I modelled this car from the videogame Rocket League and tried to make the most cinematic render I could at the time. It was modelled with 3ds Max and rendered with Arnold, but it was my last project made with this software as I switched to Blender right after finishing it.

I switched from 3ds Max to Blender only because of the bigger community and easier ways to learn new stuff as a self-taught. Indeed, I immediately discovered how little I knew and how much there was to learn. I started trying both organic and hard surface modelling, as well as diving deeper into texturing, shading, lighting and rendering. Here are some examples of some little projects I've made during this period.

2022 Projects

Trials of Light

As my first year of learning CGI went by, I felt that I had to push myself a little by doing bigger and more challenging projects. This was the first one, but it’s probably still the biggest that I’ve done so far. It was made for another university course and in a team with two other students. It's a full animated short film made entirely with Blender and I curated the concept, writing, direction and post-processing of the entire film, as well as the creation of two out of the four characters, the environments and the overall animation of the cameras and of the interacting characters. Click here for more info about the entire project.

Deadpool Exercise

This one is not a big project, but it was made in preparation of one. As a matter of fact, after a lot of creatures, I wanted to start making some human characters and I started with this one, where I tried to replicate Deadpool from the movies. I really liked the process of sculpting and modelling an anthropomorphic character and, for this project, I modelled and textured it all. Afterwards, I proceeded by rigging it and posing it with the help of Mixamo.


Maskera is a website made for another university team project in which some traditional Italian carnival figures are portrayed as comics superheroes or villains. In the team, I personally took care of all the 3D-related content: I modelled, textured and animated all the characters. For the animations, I used Mixamo animations as a starting point to then add and merge all the actions to create a quick teaser for each character. Following, there are some renders of the characters and two of the teasers, click here to know more about the entire project.

Dani Rojas

My last project of 2022 was another personal exercise; in this case, I wanted to challenge myself more with human sculpting and modelling, as I tried to portay the FarCry6 main character Dani Rojas in a more stylized way. I sculpted, textured, posed and rendered Dani and her clothes by myself, while I used some free assets that I found on sketchfab for the props; for the car, I downloaded another free model, but I re-textured it. Lastly, I created the red cloud effect with a volumetric and various noise patterns.

This ends the first two years of my journey, check my Instagram for more, see you!

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