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Tribal Village

Tribal Village

by sreenivasareddy on 9 Jun 2023

This is my school's mentorship project. I wanted to choose an environment such that I can learn and implement Zbrush, Gaea for terrain generation, Marvelous designer for cloth simulation. I made this environment based off concept made by 女巫Alysa的家.

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Tribal village


Below image shows modular pieces made to construct the whole scene. Individual wooden planks are sculpted in ZBrush and baked from high poly to low poly. These planks are arranged to make modular components of different dimensions. 

Edge damages of planks are sculpted in ZBrush

Wood texture done in Substance designer. Parameters are setup such that it can be exported as SBSAR to be used in substance painter

By utilizing 2nd UV Channel of wooden planks, masks are created in Substance Painter which is imported as packed mask into Unreal Engine to be used for adding color variations to wooden planks

Shader for tinting colors using packed masks

Foliage made using SpeedTree

Modular thatched roofs used in the Environment. A base thatched roof texture is created. Another tileable thatched roof texture is created to be used as alpha cards for layering effect. For the meshes 2nd UV channel is used to add color variations to thatched roofs.

Props used in the scene, all the props except clothes are baked from high poly to low poly

For creating different color and design variations of shield to populate in the environment, advanced shader is built. By enabling custom primitive data, the design and colors can be varied on the fly without the need of creating multiple material instances. 5 shield designs are packed into 2 textures

Terrain for mountains and ground is made in Gaea and exported as height map along with masks to dictate where textures go in Unreal Engine

Mountain made in Gaea along with graph

Terrain made in Gaea along with graph

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