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Ethereal Butterfly Maiden

Ethereal Butterfly Maiden

Isabel Middleton
by Dragonfern on 8 Jun 2023

This model is an improved version of a model I originally created for the Rising Star Ethereal Grace brief. I created her based on concept art I designed for the brief and placed her in a makeshift environment to imitate the lighting in my concept. I have beauty renders of her in 2 poses as well as some progress shots.

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I faced a few issues regarding the butterfly hair ornaments, I originally modelled very detailed ornaments however in the end product the ornaments ended being a mix of images drawn on transparent planes and detail baked onto opaque planes. This was due to time constraints and baking issues.

As well as this there are a few issues with messy uvs and the rig wasn't perfect as it was my first time trying to rig a character.

Overall I'm happy with the character though, I was very happy with the end result of the clothing.

If I were to improve on anything I might re-attempt to incorporate the butterfly ornaments and I had also originally wanted to experiment with hair cards.

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