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Underwater Laboratory

Underwater Laboratory

Hoang Tri Cuong Nguyen (Owen)
by CuongNguyen on 7 Jun 2023

A diorama I made for my World Building subject at RMIT.

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This is an underwater lab that I made to practice my hand-painted texture skill.

(Special thanks to my teachers at RMIT who helped me with the project) 

Early lab-blocking:

In the first stage, after getting some ideas on what I want to make, I dived into blocking out the lab to ensure the proportions of everything comparing to each other.


After modelling and alternating some details within the room, I tried to put some color over it to split everything out but it turned out to be a big problem. So I decided to draw-over to decide on what colors and textures to use for the project.

Modelling and Texturing:

To make the whole diorama, the process is quite the same across all the props: modelling in Maya and textured in Substance  Painter. Because the lab would not be viewed at close but rather far so I only focused on things such as colors, edge highlights, slightly color variations and gradients.

Rendering - Unity:

Because the setting is deep down under the sea, light hardly reaches that depth so I had to constraints myself from using too many lights. I set up a subtle light with a vignette effect from the post-processing. I also used a volumetric light and put it in the lab so that it would look like light coming of the lab.

I placed some rectangle far away in the scene to give the feeling of distance and also as if fog exists in the scene. This would also help to describe the eeriness of the surrounding environment. Particle system was set up to radiate some dust around the lab, giving the illusion of movement of light and water particles. 

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