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Floramancy (2023)

Floramancy (2023)

Tereza Polivkova
by TheBlueNeon on 3 Jun 2023

Project showcasing the environment and character building-blocks for a future game project. Fantasy themed, centered around a magical herbalist character and their fantastical flora. Going for a painterly style in visuals.

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Environment is modeled after concept I made specifically for the project, inspired by squirrel and bird tree houses, as well as tree trunk "mouse houses"

All models were done in Blender, in UE5 all leaf foliage was done using a material that scaled up individual planes of the model, this part could use more optimization.

Models were done with in a way to reduce polycount, only models that would need vertex paint in engine or for lighting purposes have higher poly count. Some of these could still use some improvement.

The entire scene has 537,641 tris.

Most materials use the same formula of having textured fresnel add depth instead of normal maps, this is specifically done to achieve a painted look alongside the overall shader/post process.

The post-process uses the diffuse layer of lighting and splits it into different leves: deep shadow, shadow, neutral, highlight, pure white, etc.

The post process also includes custom depth fog.

Post process core

The rain scene utilizes a sliding texture material on a plane, placed in-front of the light source. Though I did made rain particle system, it would not cast shadows despite my research.

Using the plane as an alternative is possibly a less taxing solution on the engine and my working device at the time.

All characters, and some of the smaller items such as jars, hand-held tools, etc. are 2D sprites. All digitaly drawn and character sprites are animated frame-by-frame, on 15 fps.

Characters sprites specifically are incorporated using PaperZD plugin for UE5.

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