Tiffany Lo

Tiffany Lo

Tiffany Lo
by TiffLo on 1 Jun 2023

I love 2D design and illustrative art. But I also am really interested in emerging technology that pushes the boundaries of creativity.

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Demo Reel Time Stamp

0'01-0'04: CoMotion 2023 Social Media Post (Credit listed below)
0'05-0'07: Siggraph event title design
0'08-0'10: Sculpturing Collectivism
0'11-0'16: Seinfeld title rebrand
0'18-0'20: Tulip Mania title sequence
0'21-0'23: NPR logo animation
0'24-0'25: Instagram story template design
0'26-0'30: Bugs Me
0'31-0'32: Adult Swim brand ident
0'33-0'35: Personal brand logo animation

Credit of CoMotion Social Media Post
Creative Director: Aanvik Singh  |   Art Director: Marly Koven
Producers: Rachel Golla, Alexis Dow
Co-Designer: Tiffany Lo, Antara Ghosh, Jessica Liou
Grid Animator: Antara Ghosh, Yining Li, Peter Wang, Tiffany Lo

Sculpturing Collectivism

I wanted to use abstract methods to create sculptures that depict how the collectivist mindset has influenced our behavior in our daily lives.

Digital Graffiti 2023- Caliza Building Projection

Design: Tiffany Lo
Sound: JC Petrofsky

I wanted to embrace the generative aspect of typography in this piece by incorporating Processing into the work and intercutting and post-producing in After Effects. This is a piece that aims to invite people to dance to the music.

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