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Merchant City

Merchant City

by SimonSchaep on 31 May 2023

A top-down strategy game where you manage your economic and military strength to survive and prosper.

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In this game, you control a city founded by merchants. You can send your merchants to trade with nearby trading posts to earn gold. But beware, enemies will come to kill your merchants and destroy your city. Luckily you also have soldiers at your disposal which you can send to defeat enemies by moving around rally points. Use your gold wisely and balance economic and military strength to survive the hordes of enemies and prosper while doing so.

This game was made in Unreal Engine 4, using mostly blueprints. The main focus for this project was on the game design and learning how the engine works.

In support of your loyal servants, there are also musicians playing music from your city, they can play different tunes to support in different ways, like healing or a gold boost.​

Music made by PandalGaming
Some sound effects by page:

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