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Little Worlds made of Paper

Little Worlds made of Paper

Daphné Joguin
by Adelaides on 1 Jun 2023

My graduation final project from an illustration by Demizu Posuka. All in paper... Everywhere... And the smallest funny cats in the world to bring this world to life!

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   "10pm in the used book shop" from this illustration drew by Demizu Posuka I made a small paper world all in 3D for my graduation final project. 

Let's add some fun in this place ~

I asked children about what the little cats were thinking or saying! They were more positive than me haha

L'art fait l'histoire - Art makes History
I just wanted to write something here and I choose those words ^^
I wanted to say something like Art is a snapshot of our world at any time and any place through legends or other stories. :)

Doing all this paper was very interesting and fun to do as is was some tricks to model the paper material with planars, cuts and pastes, retopo tool, bending tool...^^ The UVs were the easiest thing I did since it was only unfolding! The hardest thing was maybe to do the smallest bevels of the details.

Here is the process :
> Analysis of the illustration (what can I dupplicate ? What can I re-use from one house to another...)
> Place Holder with all the components of the image with only primitives
> Blocking "rlo" in different scenes and import as references in the main scene to replace the place holder
> Details of all the different referenced scenes with a "Hi" version and UVs 
> textures in substance painter for the books and the small props (seemless textures and instance materials in unreal for the paper, metal, cardboard...)
> rigging and animation of the characters, river (just a plane with a bend referenced 40 times), plane and watermill imported separately.
> Lighting and rendering with Unreal

   Mandrin Gaudez, former environment artist at Illumination studios, helped me to maintain a certain high standard throughout the modelling process. I learned the rendering in Unreal Engine 5 with this project and I want to thank Clément Chamard and Jefferson Bacquey Habrylo for teaching me the process.

For the vegetation, I composed 6 different type of bushes of different size. I cared about the silhouette to be at the same density as in the concept. I looked at origami tutorials to create clovers and leaves and I did it with real paper before doing it in 3D starting from a plane and folding it as it was in reality. Pretty easy and fun to do!

The character was rigged with advenced skeleton and some blendshapes 

I needed to use a lot of references in order to constently having new ideas and also understand what was possible to do with paper and what was not (I also made little tests to make me understand this. Especially for the size and the quantity of some details).

other tests and work in progress

I used Marvelous Designer with 4 chairs and a bed sheet to create the background like a child's hiding place :)

And this is it! I am really happy with the cuteness of the result I have ^^ Next step will be the child who's reading this book!

I hope you liked it too and I also want to thank you for reading this breakdown!

Have a nice day~

Daphné Joguin

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