Javier Camenforte Gonzalez - Concept Art 2023

Javier Camenforte Gonzalez - Concept Art 2023

Javier Camenforte
by mrcamenforte on 31 May 2023

Hi, this is the result of the last quarter of my first year of master in FX BARCELONA FILM SCHOOL- Thanks to all my teachers and classmates <3

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Gipetto's Kokeshi 

In a feudal Japanese village, Gipetto, an old ceramic craftsman, is overcome with grief over the death of his son at the hands of a fearsome Oni, Akuma (the original Stromboli in the story of Pinocchio), who has been terrorizing the population. Determined to seek revenge, Gipetto begins creating a ceramic doll endowed with deadly abilities, naming her "Kokeshi."

Meanwhile, the yokai continues to sow chaos in the village, controlling the people with his malevolence. But when Kokeshi awakens and starts acting on behalf of Gipetto, the yokai begins to worry about this new threat.

Driven by her creator's determination and her own thirst for vengeance, the ceramic doll embarks on a dangerous mission to find and confront Akuma. Along her journey, Kokeshi encounters unexpected allies and also uncovers the truth behind Gipetto's son's death, leading her to reconsider her motivations and fight for a nobler cause.


Kokeshi is a human-sized ceramic doll with a delicate face and fine, well-defined features. She has long dark hair, which cascades to her shoulders. Though resembling a traditional Japanese doll, Kokeshi is designed to be a deadly weapon, equipped with special abilities and weaponry to take on her enemy.


Akuma, the fearsome demon haunting Kokeshi's village, is a sinister entity deeply rooted in Japanese folklore. Filled with darkness, Akuma exudes an aura of malevolence that sends shivers down the spines of the villagers. With crimson eyes that gleam with unholy fury and a twisted and horned visage, Akuma strikes fear into the hearts of all who dare cross its path.


In this universe, Jiminy Cricket is a hand-carved wooden talisman by Giepetto, the creator of Kokeshi. Unlike the ceramic doll, Jiminy Cricket has no life of its own, but is imbued with great magical power that allows it to detect danger near Kokeshi.

-Akuma's sanctuary-

This is the place where the yokai Akuma awaits the arrival of kokeshi. In this sanctuary they will face each other until one of the two falls in battle. The sanctuary is a very green and cozy area, the beauty of the place contrasts brutally with the violence of the battle that will take place here.

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