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by Andres1983 on 31 May 2023

Never stop, always growing, new knowledge, new tools, new renderings. My best friend motivated me to enjoy life and not miss opportunities. This learning was a challenge and a joy in my life.

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Update - 31 May 2023


What struck me the most about this project is the nature that surrounds it, that's why I chose it as a reference when I saw it for the first time, giving my personal touch to the Forest and generation of terrain with the Blend Material and the Vertex Color as my main allies. , which in turn I usually use in all my projects. Using the RailClone has also helped me a lot. And the generation of materials I love experimenting with Quixel Mixer and being able to generate materials from others so that I can apply them to my rocks or terrain. Like Gaea for the generation of the modeling of the terrain on which the above is based.


This project was the organic modeling part, for this I chose a gargoyle model from Notre Damme cathedral. It was love at first sight when I saw the gargoyle I said I want to try to make it with the organic modeling tools of 3ds max. I loved the configuration of the material of the gargoyle using the Blend Material with many masks to pass through them other materials with other mappings and textures.


Dedicated to Salvador Dali as inspiration, I took this painting of his to 3d. It was a very fun project, I used the IVY tool to generate vines, I also used my Blend Material with Vertex Color in different channels so that I could paint each material on the surfaces.

Gaea for generation of the frontal mountains.


Inspired by the movie The Shining, the elevator scene helped me to practice the Phoenix tool.


This was my initial project but with it I want to conclude my presentation. In this project I learned the use of the RailClone, all the exterior walls carry this tool. The use of the Forest and creation of land is also developed in this project.

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