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by WenqiSun on 31 May 2023

This is a collection that shows emotions from the self. The designer tries to focus on the connection between clothes and emotions, visualizing the relationship between a person and negative emotions.

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I am interested in psychological issues and emotional expression. Because we are living in an era of increasingly rapid development, people are gradually satisfying their material needs and beginning to focus on psychological feelings and seek spiritual identity. In recent decades, awareness and concern about mental health issues have progressively increased. As a result, people are starting to pay more attention to emotional health. They are willing to talk and explore topics related to negative emotions to seek understanding, support, and solutions. For me, however, negative emotions often contain complex emotions and feelings that are sometimes difficult to express accurately in words. But visual media can provide a non-verbal way of expression by conveying emotions through images, colors, shapes, and other elements, so I want to use it to feel expression to make people understand and feel emotions.


She is an actual existence, but she is full of negative energy. She likes dark things and extreme things. She often overthinks and feels anxious because of various things which haven't happened yet. She cries, breaks down at night, and sometimes even hurts herself uncontrollably. She tried medication to control it, but sometimes it wasn't very effective. She doesn't like to socialize and always stays away from people. She often feels like a sense of powerlessness comes over her. She felt herself falling into the darkness, constantly plunging into the deep sea and letting the water wrap around her body, but she felt impassive and unable to resist. However, she seems to have accepted this feeling because this situation always happens. It was like this feeling was integrated into her life, making her life dim and low, as she could only see black and white in her world, and occasionally it might appear gray. It was also as if she was vaguely possessed by this emotion, wrapped in the cold chill of the sea. She tried to walk out, speak up, or express herself in many ways, but all were unsuccessful.

She is me. 

So the whole collection, I tried to focus on the connection between clothes and emotions. I visualize the relationship between me and negative emotions. When I deal with this emotion, it feels like trying to release my other dark self and let it start to emerge and take over my body. At the same time, she pushed my sunny self into the emotional abyss, sending me down into the darkness and deep. Therefore, in this process, I take inspiration from keywords such as "tearing," "self-harm," "consumed by darkness," and "falling into the abyss and the deep" and then unfold them. I tried to express "tearing" with irregular lines and pulling the fabric.

Then I tried to visualize my design in 3D on the computer using digital rendering. For this, I experimented with CLO, and it was the first time I learned and experimented with modeling garments, trying to create a flowing 3D garment without an actual garment.

Finally, I returned to reality and created my solid series after constant attempts to build and deconstruct it through boning, wire, polyester horsehair, and organza.

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