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Eternal Tattoo Parlour

Eternal Tattoo Parlour

Pablo Barbero Laguna
by Montesua on 30 May 2023

The traditional American tattoo as an example of resistance to the passage of time.

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Eternal Tattoo Parlour

"Eternal Tattoo Parlour" is a project through which I wanted to represent a tattoo studio that remains true to its essence while the world around it continues its inexorable march of time. Depicted as a unique place in a space where everything has changed except for this temple of culture and art inherent to a society.

This studio can be located in any shopping center, gallery, or neighborhood of a modern Western city. When one observes this type of tattoos on the skin of those who bear them, they still appear solid over the years. This is how I wanted to portray my studio, standing strong amidst the surrounding businesses.

All the references seen in the studio are real, originating from the pioneers of this style, some dating back over 100 years. The philosophy of this style aligns with the represented artists in my studio, as there are tattoo artists from over 50 years ago like Tony Polito, and contemporary tattoo artists who draw directly from their designs, such as Javier Rodríguez or Julita Cadenas.

In conclusion, we are facing a timeless form of art.

"From flash to skin"

In the culture of traditional American tattooing, the practice of "flash" was established, which consisted of pre-designed tattoo artwork. Some of these designs eventually became part of the imagery of this style and continue to endure today. When a person wanted to get a tattoo from the flash, the artist would copy it onto a stencil or transfer paper, and from there onto the skin. This process represents the transformation of the original idea (flash) into the final artwork on the skin (render).


Some of the flash designs have inspired me, and I have chosen to wear several of them as stencils on my own skin. In the studio, they are represented in various ways, showcasing their unique characteristics and styles.

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