Temple Guardian

Temple Guardian

by Lauu on 28 May 2023

Project completed in 4 weeks. I chose Aifan If's concept art from the Legends of Runeterra universe in Wilf Rift's style. I hope you enjoy!

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Here is a project executed in 4 weeks, as I wish to make stylized characters. I chose a concept from the game Legends of Runeterra, which I carried into the Wild Rift style.

The concept art is realized by Aifan If: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/klYKZ2

After finalizing an early version of the High poly, I realized that some elements didn't fit the style and concept, so I edited the hair to make it bigger and more stylized, as well as the eye patch, and then increased the chest size.

I finished the high poly in two weeks.

Wild Rift is a mobile game, so I was careful not to put too many polygons on my model. However, I increased the topology on places of the body for a better rendering.

I also slightly modified the shape of the folds of the harem pants. 

I did all the textures with Substance Painter. I separated the different elements on several UVS sets for better visibility, which I then merged in Photoshop.

I always start by separating each texture with different masks, very showy and very different colors for better vision. Then, once everything is well defined, I can apply the right colors and finally work on the texture.

I had a little trouble making the weapon, especially because the two view available on the concept are not exactly identical.

I made two sets of UVS; the first includes the whole character, and the second consists of the hair and the weapon. 

I rigged and skinned the character before using Marmoset for the final renders.

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