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Envrironment / CG Generalist Showreel

Envrironment / CG Generalist Showreel

Adewale Ogunbekun
by AdewaleOG and GinoDemurtas on 27 May 2023

Throughout my three years at Escape Studios, I have had the privilege of completing a diverse range of projects. This compilation aims to showcase my ability to confidently tackle various tasks, both as part of a team and individually.

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Environment / CG Generalist Showreel

First Shot - Lux Media Noctis - Dead Forest Environment (WIP)

During my final project at Escape Studios, I undertook the responsibility of creating the main instance setup for both the dead and living forest environments. However, my primary focus was on developing the dead forest for the initial shot. To achieve the desired outcome, I drew inspiration from various images depicting the aftermath of the Australian wildfire. For most of the assets in the first shot, I utilized resources from MegaScan, with the exception of the clock. In this project, I assumed full control over the first shot's lighting, look development, and rendering, while the compositing stage was expertly handled by a team member specializing in 2D compositing.

First Shot References

Second Shot - Lux Media Noctis - Butterfly Crowd Simulation (WIP)

In this shot, my main responsibility involved creating a crowd simulation of butterflies, utilizing Houdini's crowd system. I assumed control over all aspects of this particular element within the project, with the exception of butterfly asset modeling and texturing, which were handled by other team members.

Third Shot -Environment Specialism and Crowd Simulation

This project played a crucial role in my journey as a CG generalist, providing me with a valuable introduction to CG environment creation and an opportunity to sharpen my skills in various areas. Notably, I was able to deepen my understanding of crowd simulations using Houdini. For the creation of tree assets, I utilized SpeedTree, while the grass and stone assets were sourced from MegaScan, enriching the overall visual quality of the project.

Fourth Shot - Dodge Polara 1969

During my second year at Escape Studios, I participated in a team project where I took on the responsibility of developing a vehicle model. I undertook the entire process, starting from the creation and rigging of the vehicle model using Autodesk Maya, followed by texturing in Substance Painter, and finally rendering it using Arnold.

Fifth Shot - Vespa 2016

During my second year at Escape Studios, I undertook the creation and development of a motorcycle model. I assumed full responsibility for the entire process, from modeling the vehicle using Autodesk Maya to applying textures using Substance Painter and AiCarPaint. The final rendering was accomplished using Arnold. Additionally, I utilized 3DEqualizer to track the plate onto which I composited the motorcycle, and I conducted cleanup and slap comp using Foundry's Nuke for a seamless integration.

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