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Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams

Xhesi Beqiri
by XhesiBeqiri on 26 May 2023

A horror like short made in Unreal engine 5 inspired by Resident Evil 4 remake

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Sweet Dreams

I got inspired playing Resident Evil 4 Remake and the idea was to make a cool but dark mine environment.

Responsible for all the aspects but models, character animations (both manequin and monster) and some of the sounds.

I used megascans, the teuthisan creature and the Animation Starter Pack from the ue marketplace. 

Process: (some imgs under)

-outline the idea

-do a simple blocking of the level with only defoult blocks scaled as needed

-think about the dynamics of the scene

-add sequence and manequin char whit just some key animations

-animate the manequin path for the sequence

-decide the position and settings of camera so i have a clear view of what is inside the camera and i can focus only on that

-adding the monster and his animations

-adding AK gun (from a UE marketplace pack) and attaching light, finding the right IES and setting for the light

-adding, modifying, merging the manequin Animation from Starter Pack with the anim i did for the path to coincide

-animating the AK and all the objects that needed animation

-Starting swapping out the blocking cubes with real meshes (this process takes from here to the end, detailing more and more every step)

-Adding props

-Adding railway assets

-working on semi def Lighting

-Adding blood decals from megascans

-Adding cables and linking those to the lights

-polishing all of the things listed above

-Tested rendering

-Last changes

-Making the room that you see in the last scene

-making a metahuman that looks like me

-animate all but the face

-face animation with "live link"

-very little post process in UE

-very little post process in After Effects

-finding sounds for tension musics and shooting

-making myself all the other sounds ('cause why not experiment even that)

-modifying sounds in AE

-final ajustmenst in AE  

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