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A Temporary Pop-Up Space Design

A Temporary Pop-Up Space Design

by weeliam on 26 May 2023

To design a temporary structure/shelter to house and showcase a city/country. Proposing programs for promoting a selected city/ country through (history, food, place of interest, traditional clothing, events, activities, branding, or exhibition.

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Helsinki is a world-renowned destination for design enthusiasts seeking practical and minimalist Nordic architecture, both old and contemporary. Their high educational standards and long history of architectural competitions ensure that the profession's knowledge is handed on to the next generation. The recent rise in ambitious schools, libraries, churches, and other public structures, as well as Finnish architects' success in international competitions, provide strong proof for this.

Taken inspiration from the simplicity that Finnish Architecture has to offer from past to present where numerous known architecture had been subtle and consistently based on singular shapes or elements which forms a simple but storytelling piece of art. The Overall concept is rhythm with transition, basically stating that the whole designed space will be based on one form but transiting to the whole interior with its distinctive elements. 

Using the idea of stacking a large freight container on top of one another which then creates a space that allows a fusion design concept that extends the container to form n overall squared structure. The container will be torched down a side for extension whereby the extended part mainly be made out of steel frames and support with glass concealing it to be an enclosed structure.

Introductory area of the pop-up exhibit which showcases Finland's culture, lifestyle & unique foods that it has. Creating partitions in small spaces by using natural oak wood strengthens the natural feel of the space. 

The courtyard which is exposed to the weather allows natural light to shine in the interior.  Considerably one of the eye-catching areas of the exhibit which has benches to allow seating and chill around. 

The so-called interactive wall has a small area of it made with individual folding panels which then reveal an image of each famous spot in Finland to visit. Then, a small room presents a video of interesting historical knowledge for visitors. 

Finnish architectural-inspired arch design with curves that are continued overhead. Informative posters and images being hung along the exhibit allow visitors to understand more about each type of Finnish wood.

An overall view of the whole temporary pop-up container structure along with staircases to allow access to the first floor. 

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