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Jonathan Alderman
by RRRIOM on 24 May 2023

The assets and concepts I created for my University game demo project NOTHING REMAINS.

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Nothing Remains

Nothing Remains is a demo for a 2D zombie game I created as part of a university project. This project shows the majority of the assets and environment art I made for the game.

The game is essentially a 2D pixel game where you control a taskforce sent into a plague ridden Europe in order to research and establish contact/report the fates of both previous expeditions from other surviving nations as well as military and civilian medical centres focused on creating a preventative measure to the plague. Due to the time restrictions I only managed to create a singular level, basic animations and a good amount of the player mechanics and gameplay elements. 

Character and Enemy Animations

(Sprite Sheets)

-The design for the player character was heavily inspired by the game Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare.


(Final Assets and Sprite Sheet)

Environment Art

(Final Assets and Level Layout Concept)

HUD and UI

(Finished assets)

Title Screen

(Finished Asset)

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