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Rot In Jell(o) Personal Contribution

Rot In Jell(o) Personal Contribution

Jonathan Alderman
by RRRIOM on 23 May 2023

My personal contributions as a concept artist regarding my team's University game project Rot In Jell(o).

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Rot In Jell(o)

Rot in Jell(o) is a 2.5D Survival Horror game created as part of a university project, where I served as a concept artist. This project shows my personal contribution.

The game is set a few weeks after the population of a small town was nearly entirely absorbed and digested by carnivorous Jelly that spawned from the candy factory located at the centre of town. The player must navigate through the town, collect resources to craft items and ammo to defeat the aspic antagonists and ultimately stop the flow of enemies directly at the source.  

Health and Ammo HUD 

(Concepts and Final Renders)

Inventory HUD and Inventory Item Icons

(Concepts and Final Renders) 

Store Produce Assets

(Game Ready 2D Assets designed to be displayed on the store level's shelves)

- Most of the assets are parodies/contain either indirect/direct references to other media.

Store Level Marketing and Logo

(2D Assets)

- The Snake mascot was designed to foreshadow/reference the store level's Jelly Snake boss.

Title Screen

(Concepts and Final Render of the Title Screen)


(Improvised Weapon Concepts)

- Each weapon was designed to inflict either Ice, Fire or Electric Damage due to physical damage logically having no effect on Jelly 

-Each weapon was designed around recognisable common everyday items in order to fit the makeshift apocalyptic theme of the game 

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