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The Afghan Painter

The Afghan Painter

Théo Bérail
by TheoBerail on 22 May 2023

A lighting-rendering project depicting two 3D images telling a story about a house move.

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The Afghan Painter

ESMA - 2023 (first year)
Autodesk Maya, RenderMan, Nuke, Affinity Photo

This is a Lighting-rendering project whose goal was to prepare us for the final project of the year.

The principle is the same as the final project : we had to create two 3D renders that would convey a story with a temporal ellipsis or a revelation.

The theme : House Move

I wanted to tell the story of a painter woman living in Kaboul in Afghanistan in 2021. She used to live peacefully and create feminist paintings until the day the talibans are back and threaten her freedom. She is forced to flee for her life.

This story is greatly inspired by the motion picture Les Survivants (2023) directed by Guillaume Renusson.

Artistic references

Pacifiction (movie - 2022) directed by Albert Serra

Tár (movie - 2022) directed by Todd Field
Gung Ho (comics - 2013) by Benjamin Von Eckartsberg and Thomas Von Kummant

Documentary references

The Painting

I wanted to create a painting for the scene, but I had no idea what it could depicts. Then, in the street, I came across a veiled woman who was listening to music. Her headphones were above her veil, and the music was passing through it. I thought it had the potential to be a powerful image about the freedom of art in all cultures.

Then I needed to draw a woman, but who ? I decided to draw Zar Amir Ebrahimi, an iranian actress who played the afghan emigrant of the movie Les Survivants.

This painting is made with acrylic, Posca and watercolor.

Shot Tests

Modeling and texturing

Raw renders

Compositing with Nuke and Affinity Photo

Thank you for watching !

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