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Ystra Sneaking Animation

Ystra Sneaking Animation

by Enomie on 21 May 2023

A sneaking animation of Ystra the Astral Witch. Made as a tribute (re:assignment) for animation class.

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Project Name: Ystra_Sneaking Animation_Walk Cycle_Personality Sneaking aka an assignment I did consisting of animating a humanoid character walk with a sneak (for personality)

Time Taken: 5 hours(ish) I don't have a habit of keeping track of time when I do something like this (maybe I should?), so I'm going off of the save file timestamps.

Render Time: 0.5 hour(s)


Model used: Ystra, Astral Witch
which is:
Modelled and Rigged by Christoph (The Stoff) Schoch
Designed by Alexis Pflaum

Their twitter:

Below is the animation process:

The first step of animating is gathering a reference. I went with the sneak cycle in 5:30-6:26.

Next blocking.

Then refining.

Animating the hair.

Animating the hat and the clothes (they clip through the legs so much).

Set up the lighting.

And finally, the easiest and third most painful part of the thing: Rendering the thing.

(I'm not adding a video of the rendering process. So you get the final result again.)

Here's a 4 panel breakdown.

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