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IFA - The model shipbuilder's workshop
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IFA - The model shipbuilder's workshop

by LounaPERER on 16 May 2023

Here are the key details from my pre-production file for my end-of-year project on IFA images. The objective was to create a dyptic centered around the theme of a craftsman's workshop.

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Update - 16 May 2023

The workshop I chose belongs to a skilled craftsman from Brittany who specializes in crafting wooden model boats. His focus primarily lies on building classic galleons. However, he's planning a trip to the French Polynesian islands, where he encounters a group of local fishermen and becomes captivated by their culture. Inspired by his experiences, he decides to recreate one of the pirogues he encountered during his journey upon his return.

The various stages of the process, starting from the initial perspective line drawing all the way to the final colored rendering.

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