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Uni project Help

Uni project Help

Danny Hedges
by Demilord on 14 May 2023

HELP is a first-person survival horror game where the player runs away from a killer in their house.

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I was a 3D artist for this game project in which I modeled, Uv and texture every object with some exceptions.

A team member and I gathered inspirations in which we created a moodboard and style guild. 

A team member created and design I house plan with items placements for the player. I was tasked with modeling the big bedroom, bathroom and kitchen.

Bathroom I modeled.

Kitchen progress.

Once the Big bedroom was done, I was later tasked with modeling some assets for the garage.

Garage assets in engine. The next given task was to help finish some assets of a team member.

Small bedroom and living room assets. Once all assets in house was done, I focus on the 2nd level assets

Everything except the windmill, body parts and sword were premade assets in within maya. I fixed some textures and applied textures for the rest of the assets.

In game footage and scene layout.

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