Khubsurat Khila, A palace influenced by Indian architecture.

Khubsurat Khila, A palace influenced by Indian architecture.

by yashdongre on 14 May 2023

Introducing a captivating palace project influenced by Indian architectural styles, particularly from Rajasthan. Its imposing walls, intricate details, and ornate carvings create a visually enchanting experience.

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my aim was to challenge myself in comprehending various historical architectural styles and harmoniously blending them together. The primary influences were Mughal architecture, Rajasthani architecture, and the Belvedere Palace in Vienna. 

Due to having a profound interest in historical landscapes and buildings, I embarked on creating something in connection with that passion. Through this project, I captured photographs of the captivating details found in forts and palaces across Rajasthan and other regions of India, carefully selecting the ones that resonated with me the most. I then proceeded to create my own unique interpretation of these elements.

Overall, it was a fun project that motivated me to explore and understand other styles of architecture and environment and make my own interpretation of it.

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